Tag: Yellowstone

Ever Faithful

by Karen Barnett


Thoroughly enjoyed taking a trip to Yellowstone to “see” the geysers and enjoy a story with such a beautiful setting. The characters are well done, the time in which it takes place as well as the place are quite unique, and an interesting twist to the plot made this all a very intriguing and delightful story.
Honestly, I would so like to see this series continue. All the books have been wonderful. It isn’t likely I’ll ever see these beautiful places at the National Parks so I was thrilled to be able to read about them. The author did such a great job of setting the scenery in all three of the novels

The 1930’s and the CCC men who were sent to the camp in this story is a little discussed, little known piece of history. The author did a fantastic job in bringing this time period to life. I highly recommend this novel and the series. They have a place on my forever shelves!

I received a book from the publisher. All opinions are my own

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