My Dearest Dietrich

by Amanda Barratt


I think every reader starts a book with certain expectations. I expected this book to be good because I knew about Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Haven’t most? This book wasn’t just good, it was unforgettable.

I found it amazing how enthralled I was with the story, knowing the outcome. It takes a special kind of writing to want to enjoy and savor a book where there really aren’t any spoilers. I knew the ending ; yet I so enjoyed the journey, the blessed journey of this couple..so beautifully written.

The scenes are painted with intricate detail…as they tried to visit in prison with others looking on, the reader can feel the tension and the hesitancy of the actors, the characters. They are alive…so real and vibrant. I knew the happily ever after would never come, that darkness was abundant. However, it doesn’t overtake the beautiful love story, and the love God gave these two for each other. This book makes Mr. Bonhoeffer more a man than a minister…more human, and more relatable.

The book has prose as beautiful as poetry, and tells of a beautiful love story…but in a way that I’ve never quite read before.

This book finds its place on my forever shelves, and I definitely plan on visiting Maria and Dietrich again!

I received this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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