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Governess of Penwythe Hall

by Sarah Ladd

I don’t know why God chose to give me this illness. How I wish it could have been otherwise, but if I had spent my life questioning His reasons…I would have wasted the days I’d been given.”

I thoroughly enjoyed this Regency read by one of my favorite authors of this genre. Her writing is much more like classical writers so you feel a part of the story. This author gives the reader the feeling of true authenticity of the time and place.

The characters are wonderfully done in this read. The faith theme is present, though not a strong one in this read. Once again, I find children really pulled me into this storytelling. Each child is so well done, and I fell in love with all of them. As usual, there are somethings I as a reader knew would happen after the first chapter, but Sarah Ladd makes the journey getting there very enjoyable. The storyline and plot is well done as always, but this book ( to me) was really driven by the characters themselves.

If you enjoy historical fiction or the Regency age, you must try Sarah Ladd. This is one of my favorites of hers, I think. However, they are all worth the read. I really felt like I wanted a sequel with this one, but I doubt that’s a possibility so I shall write my own in my imagination. Enjoy a lovely book by a terrific writer and go grab a copy….you might find yourself smelling the blossoming of apple trees!

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