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My Dystonia Life. It’s a Family Thing! – Visit My Brother’s Blog

A shirt my sis designed for our family. 💗

Sharing about the disorder that affects almost every aspect of my life has never been easy for me. I’ve had the disorder over 25 years, yet there is a lot about it i don’t share. My mom, two brothers, and a sister have been diagnosed with it. It is different in each of us. My oldest brother has many of the mental issues and the dystonia seizures that I have. He has started a new blog to put his musing into the written word. It’s been therapeutic for him, and I highly encourage him to continue. I painfully know all to well of what he is speaking … that makes it hard. I got it first and for many years no one else showed signs of it. It was sad days when our family realized it wasn’t going to just be me. My sis got it next. I was crushed. My brother, Joshua, got it at 30. We have always been close, and we are close in age. I don’t remember life without him. I want to really encourage anyone who reads this to please read and follow my brothers page as he works through this disorder in his own way. Go here-


My brother and I….long ago! 😊 This pic will take you where you need to go!

He puts into words so much what it is like…and admits things about it I never have. I love all of my siblings more than any words can express. I was the oldest so I’ve loved them ever since they were born. Watching is hard…the comfort??


He is our Heavenly Father and wants what is best, but it isn’t easy. He didn’t promise that. He did promise He’d be with us as we live out the journey…the story He has written for our lives. Please visit this blog…perhaps leave an encouraging comment. Feel welcome to tell him his “ little sister” as he calls me, sent you! 😊 Some pics I had to share! I have lots, lots more…but I won’t bore you with them all.

The year my brother graduated from highschool
The Year I graduated from highschool. He was my “date” to the Senior Banquet.
My brother visiting me in Maine
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Always Be Thankful

Some Ramblings of the Heart…

Ephesians 5:20 “Giving thanks always for ALL things unto God and the Father in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ;”

Abby and I finished a Bible study that I titled “Attitude of Gratitude.” We finished the study, but we hope as a family we will hold each other accountable. Like when complaining the difficulty of having the sun shine in ones eyes, one pipes up to say that at least we SEE the sun at 7:30!! Come winter it will be dark at 4!!

Abby and I both realized during this study we needed to change…we also realized that always being thankful for ALL things is a verse that we will have to wrap our mind and heart around EVERY day.

There is always much for which to be thankful, but to be thankful for ALL things? It isn’t too much for our Lord to ask, but without him it’s a task I realize I can’t fulfill. Thankful for a week of rain? Thankful for Dystonia? Thankful for being so far away from my parents? YES!

  • Come summer a cool rainy day will sound nice
  • My Dystonia has brought many wonderful people into my life. This includes my dear Hubby and my daughter!
  • I live in my Daddy’s hometown so I get to see my wonderful parents ever year for several weeks.

Frequently, it’s our perspective that needs a change!

Just one verse in the Bible, yet I can’t perform this one without God’s help. How weak our flesh is, and how strong is God’s mercy and grace towards us. Always be Thankful!!

I wrote this a year ago, but I needed the reminder so I decided to add it to the blog. I hope it is a blessing. 💗

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RachsRamblings on the idea of real love…

In reading my devotions lately, in conversations, on social media, and in what little TV movies I’ve seen lately-much is said of love. It’s sad some of the ideas we have about love.

It seems many of the conversations on social media and TV go something like this, “ Well, if he loved me, I and my feelings would matter.” “If she loved me she would act differently.” “If they loved me they would ( fill in the blank.)”

As much as society would like us to think that love is GETTING. It isn’t! Love is giving…love is giving everything. Christ set the perfect example, of course, by somehow loving me when I was unloveable. Dying for me, when I was unloveable. The Bible never indicates that we are to only love those who give to us- quite the opposite. “ (Charity) seeketh not her own.” This verse is a dart straight to the heart and definition of love.

Before I was married, a lovely couple that has known me my whole life gave me a piece of advice I’ve never forgotten. “Marriage is NOT 50/50. Marriage is 100/0. Giving your all expecting nothing in return.” This is a piece of wisdom that I’ve held onto for seventeen years-a convicting one at times. If I love my husband because of what I get, it isn’t love. True love is the love that Christ gives- unconditional! We are just to love others. Period. No excuses- not in marriage, not in relationships. May I learn to love as Christ did! LIVE TO LOVE!


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