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No Ocean Too Wide

by Carrie Turansky

This was a fascinating piece of history about which I knew nothing. Taking children that aren’t wanted or are living on the streets, to a new world with parents waiting for them. It sounds like a wonderful idea, but with some involved it became a scary time for children and parents.

This book follows several characters in this backdrop of history. The characters are well done, and I enjoyed getting to learn about this time in history through their eyes. I found myself wondering what choices I would make in certain situations. It wasn’t exactly black and white for those who so very much wanted to right the wrongs that had occurred. The faith theme in this book is present and a good one! I always enjoy when Christian elements are present in Christian Fiction.

So take yourself on a journey through an interesting time in history…think of why your emotions, feelings, and mind would have suffered.

I received this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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