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Echoes Among the Stones

by Jaimie Jo Wright

Once again this author brings another tremendous story. I really liked the characters of this story both in the contemporary and historical. I think I liked Imogene most. Collin is an amazing main male character because he isn’t the typical one. I really enjoyed his humor and wit as well as his wisdom. I love the difference in him. He fits the book so well. The book is morbid and sad, yet there is laugh out loud humor as well. The plot has twists and turns, one in particular,at least caught this reader off guard. 

I really felt the storytelling was terrific ,and I enjoyed both the present and historical stories. For me, that’s rare. Usually, i find the historical story much more appealing. This novel, though, had me deeply interested in both.

The faith theme in the book isn’t overly strong, but I enjoyed it and how well it was woven into the story. I felt the main part of it was the knowing we have is that God is in control, and there is a strong message of hope to be found.

This book really had all the elements of a good story! 

I received this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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