Where Dandelions Bloom

by Tara Johnson

“But whether I live or die is Gods decision. Not Yours.”

Where Dandelions Bloom brings the Civil War to life through several interesting characters. The reader gets to see the war through the eyes of a woman who chose to face war instead of the awful man she was goi g to be forced to marry, through the eyes of a photographer who wants to tell the story through pictures, and following a young lad who signs up as well.

The picture of war isn’t pretty, and it’s effect can be damaging. It is always life changing. The authors characters are based in history. Quite a few women did sign up and fight in the Civil War, and she uses her research to bring a realistic plot to readers. 

Really liked the faith theme in this story. Various verses come to mind for Cassie as she strives to get through the difficulties that she faces. They give her perspective and strength. They even give her strength to do something she thought impossible.

The characters are well done, the story well told, and a faith theme that flows smoothly through the story and gives the characters an anchor. War isn’t pretty, and this book did a tremendous job of bringing out some of the real horrors that were faced….and the waste of lives that occurred. If you like historical fiction or love Civil War era reads, this is definitely for you. Ultimately, it’s a story of forgiveness and triumph through Christ and the love and forgiveness he offers.

“For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your Heavenly Father will also forgive you…
A hot tear escaped her lashes, tracing a warm path down her cheek. Yes, her father had abused her over and over again. He’d sliced her apart with his words, his fists…Forgiving him didn’t excuse him. But it would free her.” 

I received this book from the publisher. All opinions are my own.

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