RachsRamblings on the idea of real love…

In reading my devotions lately, in conversations, on social media, and in what little TV movies I’ve seen lately-much is said of love. It’s sad some of the ideas we have about love.

It seems many of the conversations on social media and TV go something like this, “ Well, if he loved me, I and my feelings would matter.” “If she loved me she would act differently.” “If they loved me they would ( fill in the blank.)”

As much as society would like us to think that love is GETTING. It isn’t! Love is giving…love is giving everything. Christ set the perfect example, of course, by somehow loving me when I was unloveable. Dying for me, when I was unloveable. The Bible never indicates that we are to only love those who give to us- quite the opposite. “ (Charity) seeketh not her own.” This verse is a dart straight to the heart and definition of love.

Before I was married, a lovely couple that has known me my whole life gave me a piece of advice I’ve never forgotten. “Marriage is NOT 50/50. Marriage is 100/0. Giving your all expecting nothing in return.” This is a piece of wisdom that I’ve held onto for seventeen years-a convicting one at times. If I love my husband because of what I get, it isn’t love. True love is the love that Christ gives- unconditional! We are just to love others. Period. No excuses- not in marriage, not in relationships. May I learn to love as Christ did! LIVE TO LOVE!


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